A tradition of quality & service for over 100 years

Lindbeck’s Butchery aims to source and supply the highest quality meat products available. We are one of last traditional butcher shops that still use whole carcasses, which we select, dry age, dissect and present for our customer’s meal requirements. We pride ourselves in knowing our products, and being able to offer the right advice to provide our customers with what will make meals of the highest quality.

Pork on wooden Board

Indulge in the exquisite flavour of our premium pork cuts, expertly sourced and handcrafted by our skilled butchers to ensure a succulent and savoury experience with every bite.


Savour the rich and robust taste of our finest beef selections, meticulously curated and expertly butchered to deliver unparalleled quality and tenderness for the ultimate dining satisfaction.


Explore the world of lamb with our premium cuts – from succulent cutlets to flavourful chops, tenderloins, and rich shanks. Elevate your culinary experience and discover unique recipes with our exquisite selection.

Pork on wooden Board

Indulge in the delicate and velvety texture of our prime veal offerings, thoughtfully prepared by our expert butchers to bring you a culinary experience that exemplifies the epitome of quality and refinement.


Savour the renown of our sausages! Indulge in the excellence of our legendary thin and thick sausages, featuring a variety of over 50 gourmet options. Crafted with a blend of premium meats and spices, encased in natural sausage casings, each bite captures the essence of quality and tradition.

Bulk Buys

Embark on a culinary adventure with our exclusive bulk buy options, showcasing the epitome of specialty craftsmanship. From succulent whole lambs and tender yearling rumps to whole pigs and goats, our unparalleled offerings redefine excellence, providing a unique and exceptional experience for those seeking the finest in bulk meats.

Pork on wooden Board
Small Goods

Indulge in the irresistible world of our small goods, featuring a symphony of flavours from smoky bacon and robust chorizo to the richness of black pudding, alongside the savory allure of twiggy sticks and expertly smoked items, each meticulously crafted to perfection for an extraordinary culinary experience.

Frozen Seafood

We consistently offer a selection of frozen seafood, and for those seeking freshness, our fresh seafood is available on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Additionally, if you have specific seafood preferences, we can accommodate custom orders upon request. Our skilled butchers will prepare your chosen selections with care.

Corned, Pickled & Other Meats

Savour the exceptional diversity of our butcher’s offerings, from flavourful corned and pickled selections to premium offal cuts, and explore the rich, and distinctive taste of goat and game meats, each a testament to our commitment to providing the finest quality and variety for discerning palates.

Pork on wooden Board

Elevate your culinary endeavours with our exclusive selection of artisanal rubs. Expertly crafted to enhance the natural flavors of your preferred meats, these rubs promise a symphony of tastes that will delight your palate and elevate your grilling experience. Transform your grilling and smoking sessions with our specially curated rubs, designed to add a distinctive touch to every dish.


Complement the perfection of our premium meats with our exquisite range of artisanal condiments, meticulously curated to elevate your culinary creations, ensuring a symphony of flavors that harmonize seamlessly with our quality cuts, delivering a dining experience that transcends the ordinary.


Elevate your dining with our premium poultry selection. From whole birds to the iconic Kiev and Cordon Bleu, savor breast and thigh fillets, world-famous schnitzel, drumsticks, wings, turkey, and duck. Custom orders welcomed for a personalised poultry experience.

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"Had the best roast lamb yesterday for lunch...no more buying from coles or woolies. We got the family pack. Great value for money. Will definitely be back. Thanks Guys"

Tracey S.

"A friend of mine ordered some meat for me for a party I was holding for my Dad. As I live out of town now, I had some helpers. Quite a few people “from the bush” attended the party- they travelled some miles. I received positive comments regarding the meat & they wanted to know where I purchased it from. Thank you Peter & your boys for helping me out on this special day"

Natalie H.

"Peter always delivers the goods and at a good price for such quality cuts.Got some baby goat chops, made a slow cooked curry with them and it was amazing, tender as. Keep up the good work and everyone support your local businesses."

Leon K.